Draught Beer

Whitstable Pale Ale

Light and refreshing. A sweet maltiness balences perfectly with fresh pine notes provided by hops added late in the process resulting in a light coloured, thirst quenching ale (3.9%)

Brooklyn Lager

Amber gold in colour and displays a firm malt centre supported by a refreshing bitternessand floral hop aroma.  Caramel mailts show in the finish of this wonderfully flavourful beer. Smooth ,refreshing and very versatile with food (5.2%)

Canned Beer

The Bee 17

Golden in colour with a pearly white head,elegant dry body and a refreshing bitterness. Combines the elegance and drinkability of a pilsner with the charged floral nose of a dry hopped lager (4.7%)

Bottled Beer

Anchor Steam Beer

Sweet caramel malt aroma along with herbal hops. Caramel note to the flavour, with lively carbonation, balenced by the bittersweet hops. Long ,clean finish (4.8%)

Vedett Extra Blond

A crisp, clean dry tasting pilsner ensuring ultimate refreshment,with a pleasant lemony fragrance and light saltiness (5.2%)

Hiver Honey Beer

This stunning honey beer uses all british honey and has a fantastic depth of aroma reminiscent of Acacia. On the palateits lighter than you expect with a subtle honeyed sweetness underlying the biscuity malt and light hoppy citrus (5.0%)

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